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Diaphragm Pump


  • Diaphragm pump MP2/39
  • MP2/39 & Gallus 2000 during operation

The double-headed diaphragm pump MP2/39 with aluminum heads and stainless steel valves is the ideal pump for operation of our microbiological sampling heads with base and hose connection:

The double-headed German-made diaphragm pump is extremely durable, maintenance-free and oil-free. The throttle valve mounted on the suction side allows to set the desired volume flow ranging from under 1 l/min to 35 l/min (at atmospheric pressure). The hose connector on the pressure side allows the connection of the Gallus 2000 gas volumeter for calibration purposes and chemical air sampling.

“Everything, except TENAX (TDS) with the MP2/39”

For taking samples on TENAX and other low-flow sample media, we developed the BiVOC2V2, a compact battery-powered 2-channel sampling pump.

The MP2/30 diaphragm pump is also suited for loading the following collection media for chemical air sampling:

  • Activated carbon tubes (1 l/min)
  • Silica gel tubes (1 l/min)
  • XAD/2 tube (1.5 l/min)
  • DNPH cartridges (1.5 l/min)
  • 2 cm PU foam cylinders (5 l/min)
  • 5 cm PU foam cylinder (30 l/min)

Note: Loading of 5 cm PU foam cylinders is also possible with MBASS30V3 together with the transverse adapter for the air sampling heads.

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