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Umweltanalytik Holbach GmbH

Umweltanalytik Holbach GmbH


Microscope Slides
For sampling with the PS 30 we recommend to use our adhesive coated slides. After the sampling, every slide can be sent to your laboratory for analysis. The advantages of...

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Climate Sensor HC2A-S
To avoid measuring the temperature inside the housing, we decided to use an external climate sensor. For BiVOC2 and the

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Carbon Tripod
The tripod made of carbon fibre is light and exceptionally stable. The carbon fibre tripod is ideal for positioning the  MBASS30, the 2-channel sampling pump

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The tripod table with device carrier DuoSta is a vital help when sampling. The tripod table DuoSta expands a tripod, creating a surface under the MBASS30 or

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Quick-Change Adapter
No more screws – simply click and lock. The...

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Gallus 2000
The Gallus 2000 gas volumeter is an economical measurement device for recording the sampling air volume during microbiological and chemical air sampling. The Gallus 2000 gas meter complies with the standards

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  » PS 30

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Product Accessories
  » Microscope Slides

  » Climate Sensor HC2A-S

  » Carbon Tripod

  » DuoSta

  » Quick-Change Adapter

  » Gallus 2000

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