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Umweltanalytik Holbach GmbH

Umweltanalytik Holbach GmbH


Our microbiological sampling system allows you to perform samplings using different methods with only one base device.
Due to the modularity of the system, you can adapt the measurement methods to new tasks.

The MBASS30V3 sampling system is the convenient and battery-powered platform used to operate the air sampling heads LKS100 and LKS 30, the

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LKS 30 & LKS100
Our air sampling heads are ideally suited for the sampling of cultivable particles onto culture media. For operation in industrial and health care applications as well as expert surveys, they reliably deposit particles of the sampling air into standard Petr...

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PS 30
The particle sampler PS 30 captures the total spore content (cultivable and non-cultivable) in the air. With particle sampling, the flow through a slot jet is used to make airborne particles to impact onto a transparent adhesively coated objec...

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FA 30
Filtration is the method of choice when high bacterial counts are expected. In Germany, filtration is stipulated for measurements at biological workplaces – e.g. compost works, waste sorting plants. The filter adapter FA 30 is operated with th...

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The new allergen sampler AS100, operated with the tried and tested MBASS30V3, allows to quickly and conveniently take an efficient sample of antigenic and allergenic proteins in the air...

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