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Umweltanalytik Holbach GmbH

Umweltanalytik Holbach GmbH

Our Mission

  • Air inlet of MBASS30
  • Circuit board
  • Slot jet of the particle sampler from below

Our incentive, challenge, mission

Do you know the term “obsolescence”? No? Good!

We want that it remains a foreign word to you – or at least that you do not have to make the experience. Experts already debated serveral times about the phenomenon of planned obsolescence. That means nothing else than the precisely timed defect of a device just after the warranty period is expired.

While others discovered this method as their market principle, we would rather adhere to an old sign of quality: “Made in Germany”. Despite its original purpose by the British to brand goods from Germany as low-quality, it has been the exact opposite for many decades: “Made in Germany” has been a seal of quality! And it still should be today.

That at least is our opinion. Our sampling systems and measurement devices still work precisely after many years. We care for the support of the PC software even when the operating system of a PC is no longer available.

In other words: We produce “Devices for life”. Our customers are excited by this philosophy. And by the way, we are as well.

Our Products

Product Overview


  » MBASS30V3

  » LKS 30 & LKS100

  » PS 30

  » FA 30

  » AS100

  » BiVOC2V2

  » IM806V3

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