The MBASS30 sampling system is the convenient and battery-powered platform used to operate the LKS100 and LKS 30 air sampling heads, the PS 30 particle collector head and the FA 30 filter adapter.

MBASS30 400
MBASS30 with air sampling head

With the MBASS30 system and the corresponding sampling heads, the impaction and filtration processes can be performed.
As an individual microbiological air sampling system, the MBASS30 can be equipped with the DUAL sensor.

The performance specifications of the MBASS30:

  • Battery operation, more than 22000 litres air sampling with full charge Lithium-Polymer battery
  • Electronic volume flow adjustment 30 l/min and 100 l/min
  • Sample volumes from 10 to 9990 litres
  • Three quick access volume accumulators, easily modifiable at any time
  • Colored illuminated display
  • Smear-resistant membrane keyboard with 4 keys
  • Storage of up to 1000 sets of sampling data
  • Stable anodised aluminium housing with two tripod sockets
  • Brushless fan motor
  • USB interface for PC connection
  • Optionally available with DUAL sensor to enhance internal monitoring

The MBASS30 comes complete with:

  • Super-fast charger
  • Manual
  • USB connection cable
  • Software MBASS30.EXE for configuration, remote control and data exchange
  • Sampling heads based on the order configuration

MBASS30 Scope of delivery (some sampling modules are optionally)
Included in delivery of MBASS30

Technical data
Optional DUAL Sensor
Optional handling case
Optional qualification manual


MBASS30 without sampling head

 AnimEn 190
The color of the display illumination show the status of MBASS30

MBASS30 in use during a sampling