Precise measurements of air ions in indoor areas, function rooms, production areas and vehicles is becoming ever more vital. Due to their low electrical charge, air ions demand high technical requirements of the ionometer, which is the measurement device used to measure the ion concentration. The ionometer IM806V2 has two measurement channels for simultaneous measurement of air ions with positive and negative electrical charges respectively.

 Some additional advantages of the IM806V2:

  • laminar air flow
  • open measurement system
  • illuminated graphic display
  • autonomous periodic zero-offset adjustment
  • battery and mains operation
  • integrated microSD memory card
  • Web server
  • FTP server
  • stable aluminium housing
  • compact dimensions
  • fan monitoring
  • configurable analog outputs
  • optional temperature and humidity sensor
  • optional extension tube

The current measurements and configuration data can be displayed in any web browser using the network connection.

Included in delivery with the IM806V2 are the following:

  • IM806V2 measurement device
  • quick-charger
  • device manual
  • USB cable (Type A <-> Type B)
  • network cable
  • cable with terminal for discharging
  • software for configuration and measurement processing of the IM806V2


Technical data

Functional principle


Option Extension tube

Option Handling case

IM806V2 Schraeg 215

IM806V2 measurement device

IM806V2 Web Mess En 219
Measument view in the browser

IM806V2 Web Konf De 219
View of the configuration in the browser